Apprenticeships are programmes of learning alongside employment. You learn the skills and knowledge required for your job, at an appropriate level, whilst earning a wage.

Apprenticeships are fully funded government programmes which consist of 4 elements to be completed to earn your certificate:

  • Health and Social Care Diploma
  • Technical Certificate (knowledge only) "Preparing to work in Adult Social Care"
  • Functional Skills Maths and English
  • Employment Rights and Responsibilities


Anyone can apply, as no prior learning or qualifications are required. All we ask is that you do not hold a degree.


Diplomas are qualifications you can gain whilst working in health and social care services. You will develop knowledge in core subjects and gain the skills to show competence in your role.

Diplomas are made up of credits and provide generic routes together with specialist routes for those working with individuals who have learning disabilities services or those working with people wthin dementia care.

Diplomas can be achieved at

Level 2 (46 credits)- for support workers, care assistants, homecare workers, personal assistants

Level 3 (58 credits)-for senior support workers, deputy managers, care co-ordinators

Level 4 (80 credits) - for deputy managers, senior care co-ordinators, re-enablement workers

Level 5 (90 credits)-  for registered managers working in residential services, day care services, support living schemes or senior practitioners, proprietor, or those working towards a managerial position


Information, advice and guidance (IAG). Each learner will be supported to complete an individual diagnostic assessment to ensure they are matched to the most appropriate qualification.  In addition, the assessment centre will have discussions with the learners employer to ensure the qualification and level is appropriate to their current job role.