Learning Disability Courses

Introduction to learning disability

This course looks at the nature of courses of learning disability, including consideration of the historical context, causes and impact of learning disability and associated conditions e.g. autism, epilepsy.

Autism and autistic spectrum disorders

This course will look at what autism is, the autistic spectrum and the Triad of Impairments. This course enables learners to consider what it is like to live with this complex condition and to explore positive working practices.

Understanding epilepsy

This course introduces delegates to the causes, types and presentation of epilepsy. We discuss different treatments of the condition, management of the condition and the recovery position.

Mental Health in Learning disability

This course helps delegates to consider all aspects of mental ill health and the vulnerability factors of people with learning disabilities. The role of assessment tools in the treatment of people with dual diagnosis will also be looked at.

Learning disability and self harm

This course will help delegates understand the reasons behind self- harm in learning disabilities and approaches to its management.